Writing helps to summarize our experiences, insights and strategies and to bring them to the public. It is one of our tools to reach people. Our articles deal with space, architecture and urban planning aspects of the refugee crisis.


For the magazine Collage we got the opportunity to write about public and semi-public spaces and inclusive cities. The article deals with the necessity of these spaces, which are of great importance for the integration of fugitives, where they are located and why they are so important for newcomers. 

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Collage 01/18


In cooperation with the magazine Hochparterre, which deals with the topics architecture, planning and design, we wrote a total of four articles dealing with the topic "New homeland?  They dealt with the questions of how refugees live in Switzerland, what are the main problems and how can we solve them?

Access to these articles is only possible with a subscription. But let us know if you want to read them.

The 4 articles: 1. Neue Heimat?! (1/4) 2. Privatsphäre (2/4) 3. Infrastruktur (3/4) 4. Inklusion (4/4)



In cooperation with Dennise Castillo, Nasr Chamma and Bence Komlósi we are allowed to write an article about the improvement of refugee settlements. 

You can read it on the following page: