TAKE ACTION presentation at Centre Culturel Suisse, Paris

Presentation of the work of AfR CH at CCS Paris, 2nd of December 2021. We tried to show the importance of the collective aspect in our work by presenting with a team of seven people from our association. Thank you for having us!

«Architecture for Refugees Switzerland is an association based in Zurich that works for the inclusion and social participation of refugees. They want to offer newcomers and the Swiss population a space to get to know each other better, to exchange ideas, to meet each other and finally to make friends and acquaintances. Their guiding principle is “shelter is not enough”, which means that one should not only look at the individual housing situation, but also at the public spaces, the neighborhood and where the exchange between refugees and the welcoming society can take place. Architecture for Refugees Switzerland’s goal is to create a “space of encounter”. They work on this goal through a variety of formats: Discussion rounds, festivals, building projects, exhibitions, city walks, workshops, campaigns and research projects. Architecture for Refugees Switzerland is composed of over 50 members.»

Inclusion Makes Architecture Makes Inclusivity – Press Release

13th of February, 2021

Press Release – Project Announcement
Architecture Matters – Pro Helvetia
Architecture for Refugees SCHWEIZ – Inclusion Makes Architecture

Inclusion Makes Architecture Makes Inclusivity

Zurich, Switzerland – Architecture for Refugees SCHWEIZ (AfR CH) has the pleasure to announce its new project for 2021 “Inclusion Makes Architecture” (IMA), with the support of Pro Helvetia. Throughout this year, IMA will be building an online database of various educational, recreational, health and housing projects which show the importance of architecture for social inclusion. The database will highlight a hundred projects in Switzerland to promote inclusivity and sustainability. 
The IMA project will analyse the selected projects and present the findings in an infographic, showing the correlation of criteria such as togetherness, interaction, identity, accessibility, equality and diversity. 
In addition the project will create the discourse on the notion of ‘inclusivity’ through participative workshops, talks, exhibitions and publications in order to invite the public to collaborate and create further awareness with regards to the role of architectural spaces  in creating a more inclusive society. 
The project is carried out by the AfR CH Community in addition to a diverse group of external and international experts. AfR CH promotes diversity and creativity through its various architectural and urban intervention projects. It intervenes in areas of social contention using an array of formats like festivals, forums or talks, temporary architecture, workshops, dinners, city tours and publications. 
Architecture matters because good architecture creates space for an inclusive society.

Architecture Matters Grant Announcement –  Pro Helvetia

“Launched by Pro Helvetia in August 2020, in response to the postponement of the Venice Biennale of Architecture due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the exceptional call for applications «Architecture Matters» aimed to strengthen reflection and discourse on contemporary architectural creation. The call was successful both in terms of quantity — with over 150 submitted projects – and in terms of quality. Project themes were particularly diverse, ranging from contemporary social issues (ecology, sustainability, gender equality) to more classical domains (outreach projects on urban planning, landscape architecture, etc.). Selected on the recommendation of a jury, the 21 supported projects include reflections on migration (the «inclusive city» of the Architecture for Refugees association), …” – you can find more information about the Architecture Matters grant announcement here.

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In medias res - let’s have no starting point and no end. The world CHANGES continuously and we have to DEVELOP our society and built environment on a daily basis. We develop long- and short-term STRATEGIES but we also believe in the power of NOW! We learn from our PAST, do things in the PRESENT and have goals for the FUTURE. Join our journey and let’s built a better world TOGETHER! 

The motto and strategy of the “From the culture of waiting to the culture of care” was developed by the Architecture for Refugees and the students of the Polis University in Tirana during the Tirana Architecture Week 2016.

The Architecture for Refugees SCHWEIZ team