The online platform "Refugee Integration" sees itself as an open network of participants and interested parties to improve the situation of refugees. We create partnerships, arrange contacts and make successful projects visible in the areas work, education, leisure, rights and housing.

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The cooperation with the architectural office NRS took place in situ under the motto of consultation and exchange. We were invited by them to support them at the Vuklan competition in Altstetten. The competition was announced in order to develop temporary refugee accommodation in a meaningful arrangement on the area near the Altstetten train station. Our task was to help them with the need for indoor and outdoor spaces, so our main focus was to create spaces that would allow for a better exchange and mixing of ideas to promote community. An important aspect was the accessibility of the area for us. How do you create a better connection between the outside and the inside world and thus between the locals and newcomers?

First of all, we wanted to work together on possible solutions and to benefit from each other, because of the different experiences we bring with us. Not only the involvement of the locals but also of the migrants is important to us.

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