Why the "City in Transition" festival?

We need a change now. And we need it now. Our planet Earth is crying out for help, and even immediate change may come too late for humanity. We need to move from climate change to radical transition! We need changes in our thinking and in our actions! We need to analyze the current problems in a complex way, through the goals of sustainable development, in order to be able to provide long-term and sustainable answers to local and global problems.

We have brought together different disciplines with a wide mix of nationalities, cultures and languages to develop a new sustainable and inclusive city. In our case this city is Zurich. If we are successful, we can transfer the ideas and actions to other cities throughout Switzerland, Europe and the world. Many of the problems have already been defined at various levels, and some institutes, companies, organizations and communities are already taking action, but these actions are still very isolated. We have brought all these local and global developments together during the festival in Zurich to create an interdisciplinary and intercultural melting pot for new sustainable and integrative action-oriented developments.

Everyone is invited: Every question, idea and action was discussed during the 5 days. After the festival, our local and global communities will continue to use the knowledge gained. We have no more resources to waste, and that includes time and energy. The festival aimed to create zero waste from top to bottom. We have a responsibility to be sustainable. The festival is for all those who follow an unwritten open door policy. All events are free and, most importantly, accessible to everyone throughout the city. Sponsorship, donations and an enormous amount of voluntary energy has made it possible for the festival to be possible.

The first two festivals took place in September and December 2019.