In June 2018 we were asked by Lüchtturm if we would like to participate in their festival in the stadium wasteland Hardturm. We agreed right away that we also wanted to be there.

Fallow land for everyone! Three summer days of a non-profit festival for everyone to join in. Free of commerce, open for experiments and creative initiatives. Together with a wide variety of actors, we played in this urban open space.

We diverted a delivery van with material from a conversion project that would have been disposed of directly, across the stadium wasteland and thus maintained a "living room" on the large square for three days. The living room, covered by an old paraglider, offered several benches and tables including a built-in grill as well as a fan and library for the hot hours. Thus, a space for all kinds of interactions was created on the huge asphalt surface. Among other things, our "Summer chair", a kind of portable camping chair, could be built there under guidance. The whole festival functioned exclusively through collections during its entire duration.

Link to Lüchtturm