Matura work by Gian Hugi who deals with the topic of architecture, temporary construction and recycling. In the course of his work, he wants to develop and build 1.1 accommodation that is not only sustainable, simply built and adapted to individual needs, but that can also be built all over the world with the simplest tools.

A Multipurpose Shelter - FACEBOOK


Under the name "A multipurpose shelter", Gian Hugi is developing an accommodation structure that can be used for various purposes. Architecture for Refugees SWITZERLAND supports him in this. In order to be able to cover the various needs that arise from different applications, he has developed a modular plug-in system based on two square meter wall modules. Such a wall module can be built from inexpensive materials such as corrugated cardboard and wooden slats. The estimated material costs in small series amount to about twenty francs per wall module. It must be counted, with sufficient experience, on a construction time of approximately one hour. Depending on the material used, a further hour of work may be required for preparation. The individual purposes strongly define the size and material quality of the structure. A possible application is the construction of exhibition stands and premium open-air accommodation. Or the modules could be used as movable walls, as is the case today. There are no limits to the imagination! One application I would like to emphasize is the integration and accommodation of refugees. Due to the lack of privacy in the asylum accommodations, the need for a retreat is often very strong. The project could also build favorable retreat areas for refugees in Switzerland. Furthermore, the module structure can be used as temporary accommodation in the border regions of Europe. Furthermore, refugees could also be used for the production of such modules, which would enable them to enter the Swiss labor market under fair conditions. At the end of the project, the construction plans will be made available online. It is desirable to rebuild and improve the structure (open-source idea). For humanitarian purposes (refugees, development aid...) the construction plans will be available completely free of charge.