The Autonomous School of Zurich is well known to all those who are involved with the topic of refugees. It is committed to fighting racism and injustice and offers migrants free instruction in German, mathematics and English, among other languages. And all this on a voluntary basis and free of charge. In October 2017 they approached us with the request to support them in the reconstruction of their school, which is already aging. It was clear to us right away that we would be happy to help them and together with them and the migrants, we would tackle it. After a few meetings together, we decided which reconstruction measures were necessary. All rooms are to be repainted, and some of them are to be newly insulated and planked. They were given new and, above all, more lights, since these had been inadequate until now. Another wish was the WC facilities. They also got a new paint, a new lighting and some accessories like mirrors. Together with all the volunteers we managed to complete the reconstruction in the planned time of about 3 weeks. At the end of February 2018 we finished the reconstruction and everyone was very proud, a little tired but happy to have done it. 

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