After we finished our first exhibition, we got the opportunity to exhibit them in other places. Amongst others at the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio. Starting in March 2020, together with our team and students on site, the existing exhibition was assembled and expanded to include other topics. For example, a situation of the dormitories, which we reconstructed. 


Just like the original, we want to show the life of the new arrivals with this exhibition and point out the difficulties they have in their new "home country". Raising the awareness of students and visitors is crucial to change the lives of the refugees. The complexity of the issue prevents many people from becoming active and steering the integration process of refugees in a positive direction. With the exhibited materials and the program series we try to bring about this change. As we often say "Many small ones make big ones": This exhibition would bring the topic of refugees closer to people on a local and global level. This change of perspective is more than necessary in our societies.

ROOM 1, 2 & 3

In the space ”insights” we focus on eight people who escaped to Switzerland. They provide an insight into their housing and living environment, on the one hand with a retrospect of their living conditions back in their homeland, on the other hand in their recent situation. A ”reflection” is induced by the second space: We ask questions about living environment, homeland and living together. Eventually it is about ”outlooks” in the third space: What could a positive spatial living together look like between natives and refugees? Get inspired by successful projects and bring your own input, either directly here at the exhibition or by participating in the accompanying series of programs which enable an exchange between experts, refugees, and exhibition visitors.