An inclusive society needs diversity, equality, access to education, market labour and public facilities! We aim to reach this goal with providing spaces and programs for every member of the society! Refugees, migrants and Swiss citizens wish to live together and they wish to collaborate but they need platforms for these interactions. Intercultural and interlingual Interactions where everybody is equal and where diversity is value! Through our work, you can support the society to reach inclusivity!  
You can donate money and materials.
The money will be used to pay office materials and renting costs, transportation costs, training programs and salary of the management team. Our team will keep working on a high percentage of pro bono work, but to sustain a long-term influence on inclusivity, we need a management team which can effectively organise the short- and long-term strategies and developments. Our pro bono work and our volunteers will keep offering their free time and huge amount of energy to develop better and inclusive programs.

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