TAKE ACTION presentation at Centre Culturel Suisse, Paris

Presentation of the work of AfR CH at CCS Paris, 2nd of December 2021. We tried to show the importance of the collective aspect in our work by presenting with a team of seven people from our association. Thank you for having us!

«Architecture for Refugees Switzerland is an association based in Zurich that works for the inclusion and social participation of refugees. They want to offer newcomers and the Swiss population a space to get to know each other better, to exchange ideas, to meet each other and finally to make friends and acquaintances. Their guiding principle is “shelter is not enough”, which means that one should not only look at the individual housing situation, but also at the public spaces, the neighborhood and where the exchange between refugees and the welcoming society can take place. Architecture for Refugees Switzerland’s goal is to create a “space of encounter”. They work on this goal through a variety of formats: Discussion rounds, festivals, building projects, exhibitions, city walks, workshops, campaigns and research projects. Architecture for Refugees Switzerland is composed of over 50 members.»