The exhibition "To Zurich: Barraca Cultural", which we are pleased to present with Gustavo Hansson in the Helmhaus, took place from 06.12.19 - 26.1.20.

"The transformation of an artist's entire oeuvre into his house"

Together with the artist Gustavo Hansson we built the "Barraca Cultural" in the Helmhaus. The idea behind the "Barraca" is that it unites the entire work of an artist under one roof and thus consists of nothing more than that, the construction fades into the background. The art becomes a new home, a "shelter", a protection. The artist's work deals with themes that are also of constant concern to us: Migration, activism, integration, inclusion. As a walk-in art object, the "Barraca" itself becomes a place to deal with these themes; it becomes a community space where people sing, perform, dance, eat and talk to each other.

This project also continues an interest of ours to build as many different things as possible with the same material. Six months earlier, all the wood had been used as a "transfer ferry" on Lake Zurich during the Theater Spektakel. And since we took special care not to cut anything up, it could be back again next summer.

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