The art installation Transfähre was part of the "Lüchtturm" 2019 on Saffa Island during the 40th Zurich Theater Spektakel, where a new meeting place was created for the duration of the spectacle. A lively free space for friends and strangers - without the pressure of consumption and tickets. For three weeks it offered space for a wide variety of activities.


The floating pavilion symbolizes the life of the refugees. The faded narrow sides of the raft represent the lives left behind and the uncertain future prospects here in Switzerland, because their knowledge and skills are often neither recognized nor appreciated. The long open sides stand for the transformation into a new life full of new experiences, friendships and opportunities, into the here and now. Being on the transfer ferry, one never really saw exactly where the journey was going.


Without a fixed schedule, crossings from the Saffa to the mainland and back took place during the spectacle. A blackboard oriented the visitors about the installation, but this service was not offered directly. Instead, people could join us whenever we shouted "crossing". The approximately three tons of buoyancy gave our raft a capacity for about 30 people before it was pushed under water.


The wooden profiles are made of pine from Zurich and should also be an investment for future building projects from us. The "nail boards" - i.e. what holds the profiles together - are recycled waste wood from the spectacle itself, as well as from the climate festival on the Hardturm fallow. We were able to borrow the floats locally in Zurich, so-called "Jetfloat" elements, which we put together to form a 3x4m raft.

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